Picture of the Month

In the serenity of the Japanese Garden

Man sits and listens to the birds

And contemplates the world

If he can also hear the tinkle of ice in the glass of whiskey in his hand

That man is truly in Paradise

Please enjoy your visit


Situate in the hills of County Antrim, Northern Ireland, this garden has been a labour of love since 1995 when the first sod for the pond was dug.

Encompassing about 3/4 of an acre it consists of a Dry Garden, Tea Garden, Stroll Garden, and Water and Rock Garden.

A planting of Japanese Maples, bamboos, grasses, ferns, Ginkgo Biloba, Hinoki Cypress, a giant Gunnera, some tree ferns from Tasmania (dickonsonia), Rhododendrons, Azaleas, and many native species add up to an interesting and indeed spectacular garden.

A number of granite Japanese ornaments complete the picture for the visitor.

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